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Facebook post breaches national security?

Posted by John Gault Rand

Weekly Roundup Apologetics Ministries As you all know, election day is tomorrow, and I wanted to make this post to remind you all to get out and vote. You can rest assured that the liberals will be out in force, trying to elect their atheist homo and illegal alien-loving “diversity” candidates, so it’s important that we conservatives get out there to defend the values that made America great (ie God, guts, guns and tax cuts for the rich).

Gravity is only a theory.

Posted by Will Sampson

Weekly Roundup Apologetics Ministries Much like the Theory of Evolution, Heliocentric Theory and the Theory of Microbial Disease, gravity continues to be a best guess (what we evangelicals call a theory) of scientists. But is gravity actually a natural process? Or is there another alternative to science? Let us introduce you to intelligent falling or intelligent pulling, as some creation scientists call it.

Hoisting Secular Scientists on Their Own Petard

Posted by Jed O.

Weekly Roundup Apologetics Ministries One of the most basic scientific principles is the Second Law of Thermodynamics. This states that, over time, entropy (disorder) in an environment will increase.

Evolution, on the other hand, argues that we start off simple and, gradually over time, grew more complex. By the Second Law of Thermodynamics, that just isn’t possible, since we would be trending toward disorder rather than complexity.

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