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Be quiet, Woman. There’s a MAN In Charge. Being the woman God wants.

Posted by Larry Pureheart

Women in the_Bible It’s Time for Men to Lead and Women to Be Quiet! 2 Tim 2:12 + 1 Cor 14:34

This earth will not continue as it always has. It will end. Time will end and God will judge the world. The heavens and the earth will be destroyed by fire (2 Peter 3) and God will create a new heaven and a new earth (Rev 21:1-8); but first there are other scriptures which must be fulfilled. Read more =>

Protect Your Home from the Devil this Halloween!

Posted by Larry Pureheart

Protect Your Home from the Devil As Halloween approaches, it is important to dig a spiritual hedge about your home (Job 11:18)

While I do not think the LORD means for His children today to string barbed wire around your home (unless you live near Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.), there is no doubt that He knew in 2014 there would be a massive falling away of the church. Look around you! In places that were once halcyon and quiet (Indiana and Iowa, for example), homosexuals are running to and fro just as Satan does in 1 Peter. (How ironic that it would be in Peter!) Drug addicts are toking the marihuana and the hippies are dropping acid like there was no tomorrow. Friend, Satan knows the end of the Holy Bible. He knows that HE LOSES! Therefore, he is using this time to devour as many souls and swallow them in sin and degradation so that he will not be alone in the fiery pit of torment that he knows full well awaits him. HALLOWEEN IS ONE OF HIS TOOLS! Read more =>

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